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Cybersecurity Insights For 2022 - Report

Cybersecurity is reaching new levels of uncertainty.

Ransomware, Nation-State Attacks and Supply Chain Threats have defined 2021, a year in which cybercrime has put tremendous pressure on healthcare systems, educational institutions, critical infrastructure and businesses. We have witnessed an increase in sophistication and creativity when it comes to threat actors’ TTP with attacks getting larger, more personal, and more devastating.

Top 10 Predictions for 2022:

  1. Supply Chain breaches will continue to make headlines 
  2. A New Era For Recalculating Cybersecurity Risk 
  3. Cloud Security Is Growing – And So Will The Attack Surface
  4. Phishing Is Here To Stay – And It’s Only Getting Worse  
  5. The OT Security Issues Organisations Could Encounter in 2022
  6. Nation-State Attacks Must Be Top of Mind for CISOs in 2022  
  7. The Cryptocurrency Industry Expected To Steal The Limelight  
  8. Privacy Concerns Around Augmented Reality Will Grow  
  9. Resource Hijacking is Still Dangerous  
  10. Ransomware Will Shape the Threat Landscape 

 Download the 27-page report today.


What will be the cybersecurity challenges to overcome in 2022?

Understanding the threat landscape is a crucial step in building robust defences.

The Smarttech247 experts have compiled a report to share insights into what security challenges CISOs should prepare for and how organisations can build greater resiliency and integrate this into all aspects of business operations.


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